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Periood 01.10.2023-01.10.2025

Programme priority: Jointly and smartly growing businesses

Specific objective: 2.1: Enhancing sustainable growth and competitiveness of SMEs and job creation in SMEs, including by productive investments

Short description

Health4Cardio is a cross-border cooperation project between BioCC OÜ (Estonia) and SISTEMU INOVACIJAS JSC – Si Biotech (Latvia). The project’s focus is to use cross-border knowledge transfer to improve the partners’ capacity to develop a prototype of an innovative new dietary supplement. The partners have their own individual strengths and expertise in production and distribution. BioCC works with high qualitative lactic acid bacteria cultures and is competent in conducting clinical trials with probiotics and functional foods, whereas Si Biotech is specialized in the extraction of natural substances using modern and green extraction methods, (CO2 supercritical fluid extraction) both for research and production. The common challenge is to find a technological solution to combine a clinically researched and patented probiotic bacteria strain with sea-buckthorn (Hippiophae rhamnoides) seed oil and find a suitable delivery form to determine health benefits for cardiovascular- and gut health.


  1. Finding an innovative technology for the combination of two health-beneficial ingredients to develop a synergistic dietary supplement prototype using the in-house competencies of both partners.
  2. Determining the prototype’s mechanism of action and bioavailability by conducting a preliminary clinical trial.


Completing these actions will create innovative technologies through sharing of knowledge and consequential product development. A jointly developed technology will raise both partners’ competitiveness and growth thanks to cross-border cooperation, knowledge transfer, and innovation.

Total budget: 577 375 €

ERDF Euroopa Liidu Regionaalarengu Fondi kaasrahastus: 461 900€

Contact person:

Berit Juhkam

Period 01.07.2015-31.12.2023


BioCC LLC carries out interdisciplinary and internationally recognized R&D to create, develop and implement innovative biotechnological solutions for feed, food and dietary supplements, integrating its knowledge and expertise with international knowledge and expertise in the field of microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, metabolomics, genomics, physiology, and medicine.

BioCC LLC’s project HEALTHY FOOD comprises two areas:

I  Research area 1 – Health-Promoting Food


1.1. to develop products with increased nutrient density for the general population and specific population groups
1.2. to develop functional products on the basis of probiotic strains
1.3. to establish a biotechnological platform based on biomarkers and novel selection traits for resource-effective production of high-quality raw milk with elevated nutrient density to meet increased consumer demand

II  Research area 2 – Food Challenge / demands in personalized medicine

Period 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2023

The edible COATing formulated with liquid acid whey protein and bioactive compounds, and BIOpackaging for safety and quality of probiotic cheese (S-BMT-21-10 (LT08-2-LMT-K-01-046)

Project promoter: Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, LSMU, LT

Project leader:
 M. Malakauskas,

Project manager: L.

Project partners:

Nofima, NO; I. Rud

Latvian University of Agriculture, LV; S. Muizniece-Brasava

BioCC OÜ (Biotechnology Competence Centre), EE, E.  Tammsaar

Funding scheme: EEA Financial Mechanism

Total cost: 
€ 973530  

01/01/2021 – 31/12/2023

Acknowledging existing demand for sustainable, safe and healthy foods our project team recognizes the opportunities to expand the usage of natural bioactive components and liquid acid whey in a form of cheese coating and bio packaging and sets up the project aim: to develop an edible coating formulated with liquid acid whey protein concentrate and bio active compounds, in combination with biodegradable packaging to ensure safety, extend the shelf life and enhance functionality of probiotic cheese.



  • To develop edible coating formulated with liquid acid whey protein concentrate as a carrier for the bioactive compounds;
  • To select the biodegradable packaging with proper physicochemical and microbiological parameters suitable for probiotic cheese;
  • To analyze an effect of combining both edible coating and biodegradable packaging on safety and quality of probiotic cheese during the storage;
  • To analyze interaction on the contact surface of coating and cheese between protective lactic acid bacteria in the coating and probiotic bacteria in the cheese;
  • To analyze the intestinal health impact of the novel cheeses by in vitro digestion and fermentation.

Outcome: Biocoat prototype; patented edible coating, scientific production.

Period 15.08.2019-14.04.2022

Short description:

Bio4ASIA is a cooperation project between two similar companies working in the same industry – producing of food supplements – and based on similar needs and ambitions:  to expand and diverse market of their products in order to develop companies and make them competitive in long terms. However, both companies are having different competences and strenghts in different areas of producing and distribution. BioCC OÜ is focused on work with high qualitative lactic acid bacteria cultures  and LotosPharma SIA is producing wide assortment of dry forms of medicine and food supplement.


The main objective of the Bio4ASIA project is to increase competitiveness of the Project partners in order to expand and diverse the market and ensure long term stability of the production and growth of the turnover.


  1. a new dietary supplement – digestive stimulant for  South-East Asia market ready to be registered (full documents package including at least 12 months stability results (the minimum lenght of shelf-life)),
  2. new contacts, developed existing contacts during participation in 4-5 international fairs,
  3. signed intention letters or similar agreements on the further cooperation on distribution of EE / LV products.

Total budget:

466 312,00€

ERDF contribution:


306 962, 70€

Contact person: 

Justin Hein

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Technology Competence Centers (Applied Research Centers)

Project name: Linking Science to Health

Period 01.07.2019-31.12.2022

Project short summary:

The goal of the project is to make BioCC OÜ more internationally recognised and increase competitiveness as well as find ways to increase the export of R&D services. For the completion of the project activities related to market development, internationalisation and knowledge transfer are executed. 

Amount of support: 101 500, 00€


Project name: BioCC OÜ eksport 2019-2020

Period: 15.01.2019-10.01.2021

Project summary: 

The aim of the project is to increase BioCC-s international recognition and to raise the visibility of brand Nordwise® (food supplements and probiotics) export. Finding ways to develop products, sound market and its future trends and find new cooperation partners. 

Amount of support: 49 200,00€

Period 01.07.2009 - 30.06.2015


The focus of the Bio-Competence Centre of Healthy Dairy Products (project EU 30002) was to enhance the industry’s competitiveness and profitability through innovative solutions, encompassing the whole chain (feed industry, dairy breeding and nutrition, dairy technology, human nutrition and medicine) of the production of healthy added-value milk and dairy products.

EU30002 comprises 2 strategic development areas

Strategic development area 1

Sustainable breeding and nutritional strategies to produce compositionally designed milk to promote milk biotechnological properties, foster human health, and increase the profitability of milk production

The objective of the development area was to promote the biotechnological properties of milk, foster human health and increase the profitability of the dairy sector through the creation of strategies to produce compositionally designed milk and dairy products.

Strategic development area 2

Development of research-based functional dairy foods and establishment of innovative biotechnological applications/platforms for food enterprises (microbiological, biochemical and clinical approach).

The development area was focused on the development of research-based functional dairy foods (FF) aimed at reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and recurrent inflammatory diseases and the establishment of innovative biotechnological platforms for enterprises.