Advisory services

Advisory services

The BioCC offers the food and feed processing enterprises advisory service related to the entire food chain on issues concerning feed, food, nutrients as well as nutrition.

Consultations regarding food, nutrients and nutrition;

  • We offer support in development of foodstuff with nutritively balanced modified composition meant for different general population subgroups (children/adolescents; adults; physically active subjects)
  • We offer consultations regarding analysis of your (already existing) food product recipe by the nutritionists and scientists of the BioCC to reveal the biological potential of the product.

Consultations in food- and feed microbiology.

  • We offer counselling regarding product quality or production environment-related hygiene problems (microbiological contaminants, biofilm etc.)
  • We offer technical assistance in food, feed and hygiene sampling for microbiological analyses
  • We offer interpretation of results of microbiological analysis of food, feed and production environment hygiene

Training programs and workshops

  • covering the whole food value chain (breeding, feeding, feed and silage production, foodstuff)
  • specialized workshops regarding

– workshops on food microbilogy (covering general or specific industry-based / pathogen-related topics)
– functional foods
– factors affecting the safety of specific food products