Bacterial strains

Bacterial strains

Microbial culture collection

BioCC culture microbial collection was established in 2004. It was registered in 2014 at WFCC-MIRCEN World Data Centre for Microorganisms (WDCM as BioCC microbial collection (collection no. 1080, acronym BioCC-MC) and has been a member of ECCO (European Culture Collections` Organization since 2015.

Collection contains strains of microbes of different phyla, incl. lactic acid bacteria of human, farm animal, environmental and plant origin. Now there are over 2000 microbial strains and several species in the collection. Majority of the microorganisms are lactobacilli.

Dependent on the ongoing projects the microbial strains have been identified and described on different levels (Maldi Biotyper or 16sRNA; safety in vitro and on laboratory animals, functional and technological properties; full genome sequencing).

Our strains have been deposited in international culture collections (DSMZ; NCIMB).