Product development

Product development

BioCC is interested in and looking for producers who wish to add extra value to their current and future feed, food and dietary supplement products. BioCC has expert knowledge in the described fields, which has been acquired through participating in multiple national and international R&D activities, including the pooling and creation of new knowledge, training, and networking.

BioCC operates a product development laboratory where is possible to carry out all the main processing stages with different food matrixes (jams, dairy products, water, meat products, etc.). The product development laboratory is supported by a microbiology and chemical analyses laboratory. If a special steps are required, BioCC has good partners in different countries.

BioCC owns a collection of microbiological strains of human, animal and plant origin. Strains with different functional properties are investigated and deposited in international seed banks. These strains can be used to develop tailor-made products containing lactic acid bacterias for clients.

BioCC offers clinical trials for testing the possible functional properties of feed, food, and dietary supplements. After trials, BioCC can help an EFSA dossier for health claims.

To increase the credibility of its clinical trials, BioCC is a member of ECRIN (The European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network) and ENPADASI (European Nutritional Phenotype Assessment and Data Sharing Initiative).

BioCC has helped its partners to develop and launch different functional foods, both dairy and non-dairy products:

  • Harmony™ (cheese) containing the probiotic strain plantarum TENSIA® was created under cooperation between BioCC and E-Piim production Ltd.
  • Nutriful LLC developed together with BioCC a ready-to-drink complete meal for busy people on the go (
  • Sangaste Linnas developed together with BioCC a set of multigrain flake porridges of differtent flavor with increased nutrient density (rich in fiber, beta-glucan, vitamins and minerals) (
  • A novel functional jam was developed by the scientist of BioCC LL in cooperation with the partner the Bacula Ltd. The Bacula Ltd launched the jam in

BioCC is the first enterprise in Estonia to provide the primary producers and processors of food with complex innovative and practical solutions for urgent everyday problems (nutrition and hygiene advice, technology for processing, specialized workshops, etc.) and offer food processing enterprises advisory services on issues concerning food, nutrients and nutrition issues as well as advice related to the entire food chain.